Welcome overnight backpackers. Please observe these rules for your safety and to help preserve the natural beauty of Oak Mountain State Park. Backpacking Sites will not be rented if the weather is inclement. This decision is at camp store staff's discretion. 

Overnight backpackers are entitled to camp at a designated backcountry campsite only. Backpackers are not entitled to use the improved campground facilities.



  • Backpacking fees are $6.00 per person plus tax (14%) 
  • Backcountry sites are limited to 8 persons maximum.
  • Each party is also required to purchase a trail map for $1.00
  • Backcountry sites are available on a First Come First Serve basis.


  • All backpackers must register and pay backpacking fees at least one hour before sunset at the campground office. No one will be allowed to register or start on the trail system any later. Sunset times change with the seasons so plan your arrival accordingly.
  • Vehicles must be parked at a designated trailhead with a vehicle pass displayed in the windshield.  The two designated areas to park for backcountry sites are the north trail head and the paking area at group camp road. 
  • Backpackers who leave the park after closing hours will not be re-admitted.
  • Please make sure all doors are locked before leaving your vehicle. Valuables left in vehicles should be placed out of sight. Oak Mountain State Park is not responsible for stolen or damaged property. 
  • Checkout  time is 11a.m. Campers MUST have checked in at the Camp Store by 4:30pm. 
  • Drinking water should be packed in or filtered through a portable filtration system. Most streams in Oak Mountain State Park are wet weather streams (meaning we recommend that you take water because there may not be any).
  • Carry out all cans, bottles, aluminum foil, or other trash. THE BURNING OR BURYING OF TRASH IS PROHIBITED SINCE ANIMALS WILL DIG IT UP.
  • Backing type stoves (Butane, propane, etc.) are recommended for cooking.
  • Each backcountry site is marked on the trail with a brown carsonite marker showing the site number. You can set up your campsite anywhere within 100 yards distance behind the marker.
  • Pets are allowed under the Alabama State Park Regulations
    • Pets & Animals (220-5-.05) Bringing a dog, cat, or other animal into a State Park unless it is crated, caged or upon a leash not longer than 6 feet or otherwise under physical restrictive control at all times shall be unlawful.
    • No person shall keep a noisy, vicious, or dangerous dog or animal or one which is disturbing other person, in a State Park and remain therein after he has been asked by a Park Officer to leave.