Tent camping with us… Meaher

Improved tent sites - $24 per night
Weekly Rate - $152
Plus:  A one time Registration Fee of $ 4.75 per visit, a 3.75% Resort Fee based on total camping fees and lodging taxes apply to all above rates.

We want everyone to have a fun and relaxing time with us. Please respect all guests’ space and stuff. And let us know immediately if there are problems. Come by the office or call 251.626.5529…Office is open 7 days a week from 7am-3pm Sat-Tues and 7am-5pm Wed-Fri. (After hours 251.472.6226).

Please help us by reading the following…

Please occupy the tent site you assigned when you made your reservation/checked in. If you have a problem with your site, please let us know immediately. Open sites aren’t always open. Someone might be coming in later to that site or there might be maintenance issues.

We ask that you set your tent on the pad. No exceptions. Please do not use nails in the trees to stake your tent. Please do not park in the grass. Please do not park in the drive way (gravel road around tent section). There is parking just south of the tent section. Unload at your site, then move your vehicle if you do not have room to park on the pad.

Due to utility lines, the central area in the tent section is off limits for setting up anything. Hammocks are the only exception!

If you have brought a boat with you for leisure please park it in the boat launch parking lot just north of the tent section. No exceptions.

Please keep the picnic tables on the pad. If you use the grill we ask that you clean out the grill before you leave. It is not a trash can.


Frequently Asked Questions

When I arrive can I pick a different site then what I was assigned to?
When you made your reservation we assigned you a site according to what was available for the dates you requested. If you find that there is a problem with your site upon arrival please let us know immediately. We ask that you do not move to an empty site because that site might be reserved for someone else who hasn’t checked in yet or it may be closed for maintenance issues.

What if I am arriving after the office closes?
Our staff will call you the day of your reservation. If you will be checking in late they will give you the gate code and the camp host phone # as well as answer any questions you might have.

What size tents will my site accommodate?
There is space for 1 large 8-10 person tent (10’x10’ or smaller) or 2 smaller 2-4 person tents (7’x7’ or smaller). Each site should have no more than 8 people staying on it. Your site includes a circular, on the ground grill with the grill plate suspended over top and a picnic table. You also have 2-20-amp plugs (traditional household plugs) and a water spigot. A pole and hook hang at your site for food or trash. Your site is gravel surrounded by railroad ties. We ask that you set your tents up on the gravel so bring extra padding for under your tent.

What activities are there for us to do at your park?
We have a fishing pier, a motor boat and canoe/kayak launch, a boardwalk, a beach to fish off of. If you wish to fish you will need an AL freshwater fishing license. We do not allow swimming due to dangerous wildlife. We are conveniently located close to Mobile, Daphne, Fairhope and even Gulf Shores, AL so there are plenty of local shops, activities, eateries, etc to enjoy.

Also 5 Rivers Delta is directly across the street. This day-use facility offers an exhibit hall, learning center, theater, gift shop and welcome center, boat tours, kayak rentals, walking trails, picnic areas, conference center and reception hall. Admission is free.


  • There are street lights near the tent section that come on at night.
  • The tent section is close to the water so you may experience wind off of Ducker Bay.
  • We are located just off Hwy 90/98 and I-10 is just south of us off in the distance. You will hear some road noise.
  • We have all sorts of wildlife. We suggest bringing baking soda, borax, comet, etc to sprinkle around your site to keep ants from coming in.
  • Pets are always welcome as long as they are on a leash and under your control at all times when outside your tent and you must clean up after them.
  • If you are bringing a boat, we ask that you park it in the boat launch parking lot within sight of the tent section. We have a very busy boat launch so we ask that you do not leave your boat tied up at the launch unless you are just coming in or about to head out.



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