June, 2018

Summer fishing is here. Bass have moved out on the river and creek ledges. My favorite way to catch them is with a Strike King 6, 8, or 10XD crankbait. But as the water continues to warm up the fish get less aggressive and it’s best to switch to a worm or slower presentation bait. Also the fish have been pressured more so it is best to give them something they haven’t seen so much. The bass are starting to drop deeper on the ledges than they were a couple of weeks ago. So fish your baits all the way off the ledge. I’ve caught some spotted bass recently that were pushing four pounds on green pumpkin finesse worms. I believe we need to harvest all spotted bass we legally can. The population is growing and not going to stop. The largemouth population usually dwindles when this happens.

The crappie fisherman are whacking em on the deep brushpiles and standing timber along the river ledges. Minnows and jigs are both producing limits.

The big hybrids are out on the slick high spots along the river ledges. They can be caught on deep diving crankbaits or on three quarter ounce jigging spoons. I’ve seen some almost take the rods away from people. Some are in the ten pound range.

Brim and shellcracker are biting crickets and worms. They are now in their normal bedding cycles. The bluegills are around the grass and the shellcracker are on the flats.

I’ve seen some nice catfish caught by jug fisherman. They are smart. Fish from a pontoon boat with a top and stay in the shade!

If you are on the water be extra careful with the pleasure boaters out this time of year. And watch out for those thunderstorms. That lightning is serious stuff. Have fun out there!