March 2019

It is almost mid-March and the fishing season is in full swing. We recently had a hard cold front following the deadly tornadoes that came thru Alabama. Prior to the cold front we had very warm days that grouped the largemouths up in staging areas. Now we are back to warm days and not so cold nights and the fish are scattering towards the spawning areas. With the full moon approaching, I feel like numbers of fish will be spawning most any time. The water temperature is in the sixties so everything is lining up. Recently we’ve caught fish on Carolina rigs on sandy flats and breaks near spawning areas. They have been grouped up but are now scattered. Being an offshore fisherman, I’ll continue to catch them moving towards and moving out from the spawning banks.
There have been some real good weights at the past few tournaments. That is a good sign we have quality fish in the lake.
The reports I am hearing from my crappie fishing friends is they too are starting to move up. Minnows and jigs are both working on them. If the lake level stays steady we should have some good crappie fishing along the bank. But that’s a big IF!
Not much to report on the brim and shellcracker at the moment. 
Some hybrids are being caught on the flats primarily trolling rooster tails and rattle traps.
I’ve seen some pictures of catfish that were caught jugging. I believe they are always hungry!
With the warm weather upon us, it’s a good time to plan a fishing trip. It’s great for the family. With all the weekend tournaments I advise everyone to try and plan a trip on a weekday. Be safe out there. The lake can get nasty in a hurry. Just one more reason I run a 23plus foot bay boat.
  If you would like more information on the fishing on Lake Eufaula or would like to plan a fishing trip, or just want to take a ride on the lake, please call.  Lake Eufaula Guide Service  or email   Tracy Beall  334-703-2570 Happy Fishing!