From early morning to dusk, one can easily escape to the park and enjoy 22 miles of scenic hiking/biking trails.  With varying degrees of ease and difficulty, hikers and bikers are sure to find just the right trail.



Monte Sano State Park – Hiking Trails



Monte Sano State Park: SORBA Mountain Biking




Gravel Road1.0easiest
Bucca Family2.9easiest
South Plateau Loop3.5easy/more difficult

Fire Tower

Stone Cuts bypass0.2more difficult
North Plateau Loop1.2more difficult
Bucca0.3more difficult
Cold Springs0.8more difficult/extrememely difficult
Mountain Mist2.5more difficult/very difficult
Logan Point1.0more difficult/very difficult
Sinks1.2more difficult/very difficult
Arrowhead5.5more difficult/very difficult
Natural Well2.5more difficult/extremely difficult
Warpath Ridge0.5very difficult/extremely difficult
Keith0.5very difficult
Stone Cuts0.7very difficult
Panther Knob0.3very difficult
McKay Hallow2.0very difficult
Goat2.6very dificult


Park Rules


  • Stay on trails.
  • Dogs on a six foot leash.
  • Bicyclists ride only on trails or sections of trails that are open to bikes.
  • Bicyclists yield to hikers.
  • Bicyclists 16 & under must wear a helmet.
  • Wait two days after rain before riding trails.
  • Rock climbers, boulderers, rappellers, & cavers check-in at Park Office.
  • Take only pictures.
  • Trails close 30 minutes before sunset.
  • Park closes at sunset.
  • A full listing of Park regulations can be obtained from Park Office.