Photography Rules and Regulations
Thank you for choosing to take your professional photographs at our park. We have put these rules in place to help benefit all licensed photographers and business owners, and to help the Park maintain and protect our natural habitat. We want everyone to enjoy the Park and have a great working relationship with us. If any of the following rules are violated, a fine or loss of photography privileges will be revoked:

  • Please be courteous to other people enjoying the beach, weddings and other photographers. Weddings cannot move so please be sure that you and your party are not in their wedding photographs
  • All beaches of Gulf State Park close at sundown
  • No one is allowed to take photographs in the dunes other than at the locations that have been designated by Gulf State Park.  There are designated areas at the Pier and Pavilion. See maps below.

Gulf State Park Pavilion Photography Area.jpg
Gulf State Park Pier Photography Area.jpg

For more information please contact