Important News........................Leaders from Dallas County and the State of Alabama have reached an agreement to reopen Paul Grist State Park, one of 5 parks that was closed in the wake of budget cuts at the start of the new fiscal year back in October. The park hopes to open by Saturday, December 5th.

A couple of months ago the Alabama State Parks System was forced to implement a new contingency operations plan that included the closure of a number of parks and park operations. The plan also included a reduction in staff and operational hours at additional parks and park facilities, as well as a potential concession operation for one facility and other new approaches to serving the public. Beginning October 15, the following five parks were closed: Bladon Springs, Paul Grist, Chickasaw, Florala and Roland Cooper.

We are happy that we were able to reach an agreement where the Alabama State Parks retains ownership and through a lease, Dallas county will handle the operations and management of the park. Finding ways to keep the parks open has been important and this is a great example of the healthy partnerships between state and local governments.